Sunday, October 14, 2007

So tired I can't see straight to type

Okay, I'm not doing very well coming up with a topic for today's entry. I was up virtually the entire night with Hope, age 2. She has occasional bad bouts with asthma, and last night was pretty severe. She couldn't sleep, and a few times coughed so hard that she threw I was giving breathing treatments and giving post-vomit baths. I did finally lay down for about an hour at 7:30am, before I got up and took kids to Mass.

After Mass we made a fabulous brunch in honor of Kevin's 15th birthday. After a brief nap, I then drove Kevin and Sean to Sioux City so they could shop for guitar accessories.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week.


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Kim said...

Ibby has a blog! Yeah! You are most certainly excused from not posting everyday. I am glad I get to read a little bit about your family!